Asshole. (sorethroatdays) wrote,

i want to...

start using this again. It's been a long time. Where is everyone?
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Deutschland. But I miss you so much that I'll reply to your shite.
I don't understand how you can just pick up and move to another country like that hahaha. I wish i had the balls. How do you like it so far?
It's incredible, Cody. The kids here are pretty lame, mostly hipsters with mullets.. but other than that, it's awesome. The people here are much friendlier, everything's alcohol-oriented, it's easy to get around, and I can drink anywhere I want.

The euro exchange rate is pretty bad.. it recently hit $1.55 for 1 euro. Shitty. I got a job at the Chili's on-base, though, so I should be making some good money regardless.

Come see me. Seriously. We live in a big 3 bedroom house, and only one of the bedrooms is being slept in. <3